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k is my medium of choice because you have one chance to get it right, just like you have one life to live.” Bringing rock to life is what gets my pulse going. Toeel an emotion from observing the carved rock is the intention.​

            “While carving, Mther Nature’s beauty of the rock comes alive from within.” “Every time I am surprised at what transpires. The colors and cracks are not always predictable so I need to work with how the rock was formed millions of years ago. Sometimes it means making changes to plans well into the project.” “The more challenging a piece is, the more satisfying it is to complete.” Admitting it is physically demanding, I find it quite therapeutic spiritually. 

Besides sculpting, I also teach rock sculpting classes.  I completed my Provincial Instructor Diploma. I have participated in over eighty exhibitions, juried events and received recognized awards.   I am currently a member the Sculptor’s Society of BC.

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