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Personal Biography


Michelle was born in Vancouver area of BC, Canada in 1971 to Dutch parents who emigrated from the Netherlands. She spent most of her childhood drawing and making random art from mud and found objects. Art was not a solid career choice, she felt so she went to work with her father in his auto repair shop. 


She acquired her Red Seal as an Auto Repair Technician, repaired vehicles, welded, did body work, and painted vehicles using pneumatic tools such as grinders and dremels.  Little did she know at the time she was honing her tools skills to become a rock carver.

Now with mostly the same tools she carves stone into sculptures with power tools.  From soft soapstone to the harder rocks of marble, granite and even quality gemstone jade. The sizes range from pendant 1 inch size to about 5 feet in diameter weighing roughly 2 tons.


She is a self taught artist.  Her first sculpture is the main photo on this website of a reclining nude female 50 lbs. Brazilian Soapstone, 2 foot long.  She carved it with ease and was unsure how it all transpired.  After that she decided to pursue more carving and joined art shows and contests.

Art Statement

Stone carving is a way of life, not just a passion.


​      Rock is my medium of choice because you have one chance to get it right, just like you have one life to live.

Bringing rock to life is what gets my pulse going. I take pride to create pieces that will inspire and evoke emotion.


​     Working with stone allows me to create something that will stand the test of time and leave a lasting legacy.

​​     While carving, Mother Natures’ beauty of the rock comes alive from within.  Every time I am surprised at what transpires. The colors and cracks are not always predictable, so I need to work with how the rock was formed millions of years ago. Sometimes it means making changes to plans well into the project. The more challenging a piece is, the more satisfying it is to complete. The physical demands reward me with a cathardic therapeutic release.

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