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Art Statement

"Rock is my medium of choice because you have one chance to get it right, just like you have one life to live."
 Bringing rock to life is what gets Michelle's pulse going. To feel an emotion from observing the carved rock is the intention.

 "While carving, Mother Nature's beauty of the rock comes alive from within."
 "Every time I am surprised at what transpires. The colors and cracks are not always predictable so I need to work with how the rock was formed millions of years ago. Sometimes it means making changes to plans well into the project."
 "The more challenging a piece is, the more satisfying it is to complete."
 Admitting it is physically demanding, she finds it quite therapeutic spiritually.

Born in Canada with Dutch parents, Michelle travelled to Europe frequently as a child. There she was inspired by Baroque architecture in the ornate cathedrals, and influenced by the Renaissance era and Gothic art.
Michelle's combination of tool experience as a licensed auto mechanic, and knowledge of the anatomy from studying nursing geared her for sculpting torsos. She mostly carves human figures with minimal detail and a touch of similar abstract you can recognize from piece to piece. Various rocks are used such a soapstone, alabaster, chlorite, marble, jade, etc.

The rock is carved using pneumatic powered chisels, rotary dremels, and grinders. Most work is done in her soundproof home studio.  

Besides sculpting, she also teaches rock sculpting classes.  In 2006 she completed her Instructor Diploma.

Michelle has participated in over sixty exhibitions, juried events and received recognized awards.  She's also a member of the professional organization of Sculptor's Society of BC.

 Michelle McCutchon

 In the studio


Exhibitions, Shows and Galleries

2016- Current
       Federation of Canadian Artists, Shape and Form Juried Show, Vancouver, BC
       BCIT "Hidden Passions" Art Show, Burnaby Campus
​       Harmony Arts Festival, West Vancouver 2018
       Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver Play House lobby, Exhibit, June-Aug 2018
       North Vancouver Community Art Council, Art in the Garden 2018
       White Rock Community Ctr, Int'l Women's Day, 'Her Story', Juried Exhibit
       Student and Alumni Art Gala, Architectural Connections, BCIT Burnaby Campus
       Pop-Up Exhibit, Creative People Showing, Port Moody 2017
       Surrey Arts 2016, Juried Art Show, Surrey Art Gallery
​       Gallery Bistro, Group Show, Port Moody
​       Commissioned 'Octopus', 2000 lbs Granite, Parksville, BC
       Heritage Hills Winery, Show Case, Mission 2016
       Port Moody City Hall, Solo Show, 'Soul Series'
       Minnikadda Art Show, Group Show, PoCo 2016
       Boathouse, Art Walk, Port Moody 2016

       North West Sculpture Competition, Int'l juried contest & show 2015
       Outdoor Garden Show, Solo Show, North Vancouver
       Surrey Arts 2015, Juried Group Art Show
       Sensations Art Show, Elbert's Art Gallery, Ladner
       Red Barn Winery, Show Case, Mission
       KaBoom Art Show & Even, Port Moody City Hall 2014
       Fraser River Art walk, 'Sea Life", Group Show, Richmond 2014
       Juried Art Show, 'Spirits', N Vancouver
       Celtic Festival, Show Case, Port Coquitlam
       White Rock Arts Festival, Group Show
       Surrey Arts 2014, Juried Group Art Show
       New Port Village Art Show, Port Moody 2013
       Kitsilano Beach Group Project, Contemporary Artist of Vancouver
       'Starving to Successful', Workshop, Xanadu Gallery
       Boat House Opening Reception 2012, Arts Connect
       Xiang Gallery, 'Ying Yang' Show, Vancouver
       ArtSpacific Show, Delta Arts council, Delta 2012
       Finnie's Garden Show, Riverview, Coquitlam
       BoatHouse Opening Reception, Arts Connect, Port Moody
       North Vancouver Sea Side Art Festival, North Vancouver 2011
       Art Walk, Arts Connect, Port Moody City Hall
       Renaissance Academy in Fine Arts, Art Teacher Job, Richmond
       Stone Art Gallery, Joye Designs, Port Moody
       Minnikadda Art Show, Group Show, PoCo 2011

       Place des Arts, Small Exhibits Christmas Show 2010
       ArtSpacific Show, Delta Arts Council, Delta, Old Fire Hall
       Britannia Art Show, Solo Show, Fundraiser, Vancouver
       Old Mill Boathouse, Art Walk, Port Moody 2010
       Art Walk, Arts Connect, Sutherbrook Place, Port Moody
       West Coast Sculpture Association, Symposium Lake Cowichan, BC
       Stone Art Gallery, Respresenting Gallery, Joyed Designs, Port Moody
       Minnikadda Art Show, Group Show, PoCo 2009
       Festival of the Arts, Studio Tour, Port Moody
       Red Barn Winery, Show Case, Mission2009
       Place des Arts, Small Exhibits Christmas Show 2009
       ArtSpacific Show, Delta Arts Council, Award of Merit for 'Motherhood'
       Old Mill Boathouse, Open Studio Tour, Port Moody 2009
       Art Walk, Arts Connect, Inlet Wellness Gallery, Port Moody
       Missed Opportunities, Art Show, White Rock, 2009
       MP's office, Dawn Black of Coquitlam, Office Opening, Coquitlam
       Inlet Wellness Gallery, 'Artful Indulgence", Solo Show, Port Moody
       Port Moody Art Centre, 'A Rock In A Good Place', Solo Show
       West Coast Sculpture Symposium, Mission, BC
       Place des Arts, Small Exhibits Christmas Show 2008
       Porier Library, Art in the Atrium, Solo Show
       Art at Heart, Arts Connect Group Show, Port Moody Art Centre
       Acorn Art Show, Group Show, Langley
       Gallery in the Garden Show 2008, Delta Arts Council, Wellbrook Winery
       Surrey Arts 2008, Juried Show, Award of Merit for 'Rise of Dawn'
       Family Art Day, Place des Arts, Clay Sculpture Workshop
       Canada Day, Art Exhibit, La Farge Lake Festival 
       Place des Arts, Solo Exhibit 'Soul Series'  2008
       Arnold Mikelson Mind & Matter Art Festival, White Rock
       West Coast Sculpture Association, Thetis Island
​       Robert Max Salon, Show Case, Vancouver 1993

 Presenting 'Rise of Dawn" to   Coquitlam Mayor, Richard Stewart

Rock Balancing​​

  It seems wherever I go I have an instinct to handle rocks.
  It took about 5 hours to assemble these on Keats Island,      
  West Beach.   They stood about 5' tall.
  The tide eventullay came in and knocked them over.  We sat there     till midnight with a fire burning till the last one fell over.

 Gearing up for the studio.  Goggles, mask, ear muffs, gloves,   hat, suit,  . . . half hour later I am just getting started